British voiceover Natalie Cooper uses ISDN, Source Connect Now, ipDTL, CleanFeed and Bodalgo Call in her voiceover studio

The joy of connection.

Technology. Some days it can let you down. ISDN has been my number one connection tech for working remotely with producers, directors and clients on a daily basis.

Earlier in the week, I discovered my ISDN lines weren’t working. In the bad old days of fax-and-dial, this would have been a disaster. But thankfully, technology has moved on a lot. With today’s fast broadband, I’m grateful that there are now many other options for simple and reliable real-time remote connections.

✔️Skype is a given and also doubles as a phone patch if you buy a landline number.

✔️Source Connect Now from @sourceelements is easy to use, and free.

✔️As a Bodalgo premium subscriber, I have access to Bodalgo Call which is available within the site and couldn’t be easier to use.

✔️CleanFeed is available for free as a stereo connection, although you pay for mono.

✔️and I can connect with any producers that already have ip-DTL.

That’s a lot of options, and I’m grateful to be able to offer producers and clients plenty of ways to make sure they can get the high quality audio they need. And of course, I can always simply record and send.

But I am missing my ISDN and hope it’s back up and running soon.

If you’re a voice, producer or creative director, which are your favourite tools for connecting up? I’d love to know what works best for you.

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