voiceover for radio commercials – Spring mini demo

voiceover for radio commercials

Voiceover for radio commercials.

Voiceover for radio commercials is the heart and soul of this job for me. 

I love voiceover in general, and each genre brings its own challenges and rewards. But the thrill of working with another human (hello lovely producers) and making a piece of radio together always gives me a buzz.

Where it began.

I learned to talk to a set time aged 18 during my gap year. I was working for a band management company, and they had an answerphone service so fans could ring up and get the latest news. The answerphone used cassettes. We had 30, 60 and 90 second tapes and whatever news was being delivered had to fit perfectly to one of those. It’s not a skill I ever imagined would continue to be useful quite so many years later!

My background is in radio. I graduated with a degree in media studies, having followed a broadcast journalism pathway. 

Working in radio.

My first job was in radio as a traffic and travel presenter, and that gave me some solid sight reading skills and the ability to think on my feet.

I went on to work on programmes as a producer, and ultimately, running the community side of things, training volunteers, creating social action campaigns and writing, voicing and producing PSAs. This was in the days when we’d not quite entered the digital world, so a combination of tape, carts and minidiscs all came into play, and I still have fond memories of my special yellow pencil.

These PSAs (or public service announcements, to give them their full title) were the closest I got to being a voiceover for radio commercials as the BBC is publically funded and we didn’t run ads. But I did get to voice station, and regional, trails, and I definitely had the bug.

Introduction to voiceover.

It wasn’t until a year or so later that another established voiceover introduced me to the magic of ISDN and home studios. Then I got the opportunity to record my first voiceover for a radio commercial and I’ve never looked back.

So, here I am, nearly 20 years later. Still thrilled to work with creative producers and grateful to be a voiceover for radio commercials.

Take a listen.

For my commercial reel, and others, including e-learning and telephone on-hold, take a look here.

Here’s just a few I’ve worked on in the last couple of months.






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