Voice Arts Awards nominations 2015

Voice Arts Awards 2015

Voice Arts Awards Nominee 2015

I’m excited about the Voice Arts Awards. “And the nominations are…” something I’ve said many times for a variety of UK award shows. Not something I’d ever anticipating hearing for myself.

You see, one of the things I especially love about being a voiceover is that I’m hidden. Truth is, I have a tremendous fondness for comfy clothing. In the darkness of my cosy booth, I can be anyone, regardless of school-run hair and seriously uncool sweatshirts. I’m not really glitzy awards eye-candy if I’m honest.

My absolute love of the booth was cemented for me a couple of years ago when I summoned up all my courage and spent a day on a tv presenting course. I can’t deny I had a fantastic time and I certainly came home far braver. But I also learned I should never, ever be seen. Whirling arms, wild, popping eyes, and jiggling about all over the place… As it turns out, all of the ingredients that combine to make me the voiceover I am.

So whilst I definitely shouldn’t be visible, I’m thrilled my “hidden” talents have two nominations at this year’s Society of Voice Arts and Sciences Awards, held in Hollywood in November. I may even have to dust off my posh frock.

I’m up for Outstanding Promo Demo Reel, Best Voiceover, recorded in LA with the wonderful Chuck Duran of www.demosthatrock.com (and trust me, they do).

And back to the UK, for Outstanding Consumer Sales Video, Best Voiceover for Soft & Gentle, recorded with FKC London.

It’s especially exciting to see other British voices on the list too – with Guy Harris, Karl Jenkinson and Anna Parker-Naples, we’ll all be flying the flag for UK voice actors.

For a full list of the 2015 SOVAS nominees, please take a look here.

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