Teen voiceover, Rosie Eustace.

Teenage Voiceover Rosie Eustace

It’s all change here at Voiceovergirl Towers (which may include the name, but more of that another day). With a new office and studio, it’s time to bring in some new co-workers. Let me introduce my daughter, Rosie.

Welcome to teen voiceover, Rosie.

You may have worked with Rosie before. She’s been voicing since she was 8 years old and has tv commercials, radio ads, imaging, and e-learning projects under her belt. Clients have included the BBC, TEDTalks, Pearson, and Zapf Creation.

Now 18, Rosie has opted to take a year out before heading off to university to read History. She’s already planning to start a history podcast, is developing her pint pouring skills at our village pub, and will be looking forward to growing her own voiceover business alongside mine.

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To book her, discuss rates or request a demo, please email her directly at rosiegracevo@gmail.com. Website coming soon, short demo attached below.

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