Radio imaging voice over demo

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Radio imaging voice over demo from audioHQ

Before I share my radio imaging voice over demo, cards on the table. Radio imaging is a lot of fun, no question. Voice acting is a varied world that comes in many different flavours, and each of us aims to find the areas that suit us best. For me, my voice is an obvious fit for corporate reads, e-learning and a popular choice for commercials. In Voiceover World, I’m your non-voiceover voice, the Mum-next-door, best friend and all round nice person. It’s easy to be confident in your comfort zone, and voicing scripts that often resonate with my real life is a dream. I get to be myself every day.

But every once in a while a producer spots something others don’t, and I get a radio imaging gig. And how I love them. I can’t quite place my finger on why. Perhaps it’s because suddenly I sound like someone else, and I confess, I love the cool points I score from my kids. And it’s very Voice Over, rather than the chatty relaxed reads I more often deliver. In style, it’s often very deliberate, sometimes even forced, and you need to convey a lot in very few words.

And it’s fun. Did I mention the fun? There’s no denying the fun factor of stepping into the role of someone way cooler than me, clearly not surrounded by children and animals and unlikely to be wearing wellies for anything other than a festival.

Imaging producer at audioHQ, and talented voice over himself, Stevie Cripps, has worked his magic on my new radio imaging voice over demo, with a strong EDM theme running throughout, blending a mix of recently completed jobs and some creations of his own.


You can listen to some of audioHQ recent production work below on Metamorphosis, below, and get in touch with Stevie @steviecripps (Twitter) or .



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