It’s good to talk – why it’s worth discussing your voice over project in real time.

It's good to talk. Natalie Cooper British female voice over discusses collaborative working via phone, Skype and Source Connect Now.

It’s good to talk, and listen.

It’s good to talk, and I’m pleased you’re here. That’s me, with the slightly bemused face, having just followed my script direction to. the. letter. You can watch and hear the results below.

So, here’s the (really rather simple) thing. It’s good to talk to your voice over. That thing you have in your head sounds amazing, but sharing that vision can be tricky if you’re only communicating via email, or worse, via a third party. Sometimes, just picking up the phone, or better yet, sitting in on a session (remotely, it’s easy – Skype, phone, or via other clever online tools, straight to your desktop or wherever you’re working from) means you can communicate your vision and get instant feedback.

Does it sound like it did in your head? Does your voice over understand your aims? Hmm, actually, now you can hear it out loud, might it be worth adjusting the odd word here and there? Your creativity is being brought to life in real time and you’re in a great position to get exactly what you need.

I often receive direction via email, and that’s absolutely fine. If something doesn’t seem quite right I’ll mail you back and check, or record an alternative version if that’s what we’ve agreed. I can’t deny though that working in collaboration feels great, and it’s always a real pleasure to work directly with the person that most cares about getting it right.

A little silliness, and a cautionary tale.

And with that, allow me to share my light-hearted story of hearing something you love and assuming it will translate into making your project sound the same.

A 60 second cautionary tale highlighting the hidden danger of selecting clashing styles and scripts. 

Cue misinterpretation, innuendo, and corpsing.

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And how did we resolve it?

If you click the Commercial Demo button here, you’ll hear what my client was hoping to replicate. I delivered the rather incongruent sexy style as a first take, and for my second take I kept the slightly lower register and some of that warmth, but retained the corporate style too. We were no longer trying to sex up concrete. The client was happy, I had a good giggle. All is well.

It’s good to talk. Give me a call or drop me an email and let’s get the ball rolling.



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