E-learning – educational voiceover for training

One of the unexpected benefits of voicing lots of e-learning is access to information I might never otherwise encounter. It’s a point I’ve seen many voiceover colleagues make, and at one extreme end of the scale one voiceoverist even went on to learn to fly a plane, such was his fascination with the project he’d narrated.

I find I do need to fully immerse myself in the script, because in order to tell the story, I need to understand it myself. Or crucially, sound like I do, and that perhaps is where the real skill of the voice over comes in. That, and managing to engage with the listener, even when the subject matter is a little dry.

Widgets, lightbulbs, tubing and print techniques. Management styles, banking systems and insurance processes…

But let’s start with cars. Oooh, I love cars. I mean, really. The smell of the leather, the purr of the engine. That lovely clunk as a door shuts properly. And I can now give you an across the range, in-depth sales pitch for premium car brand Infiniti. I’ve been voicing their sales training for the last 5 years. So you might catch me drooling over V8 engines, gasping at all those advanced safety features and sighing at their extra special interiors (they can do ALL THAT? Who knew!) But only ever virtually, since to this day I still haven’t seen or touched one.

Then there was the Christmas I spent so long narrating training videos for global drinks giant Diageo I was actually starting to dream about alcohol. I’d fall asleep thinking about brand names. I’d google niche brands for their pronunciations. I suspect I was only one script away from believing I actually was Tom Cruise. (Google it!) Cheers!

So, for my most recent e-learning client, uber-cool hair salon brand TIGI, I’ve thrown myself into the incredibly technical and surprisingly scientific world of hair colouring. Never again will I take hair dye for granted. Colourists, I salute you, and I hope I’ve done you justice. A stylish, upbeat and approachable voice over was the direction, and since this level of technical information can be very dry to listen to, I made sure I fully understood the brief, matching my voice to the clubby soundtrack and vibrant pictures.


I’ve been told I’m chosen to narrate e-learning projects because I have a very approachable, relatable voice. Warm, but not bossy, and confident enough to be believable.

If you’d like to discuss working with me on one of your projects, please email or call me.

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