Spooky goings on at Clark Village

Brand loyalty

clarks village somerset voice over brand loyalty

Brand loyalty. Something every business owner hopes and dreams for, so as a voice over it’s really rewarding to represent a brand over a period of time. This year I’ve been voicing a lot for Clarks Village in Somerset. They’ve chosen to have a consistent sound across all their media, so you can hear me voicing for their radio and tv commercials, and even the instore tannoy announcements. 

And for the ultimate accolade, when they needed a child’s voice for their latest Halloween radio ad, we were able to keep it in the family. Strangely typecast once again, the very epitome of “pre-teen”, my middle daughter can audibly roll her eyes at her mother… Unquestionably a marketable talent.

(She’s sweetness and light really).

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