Voice of God for the ultimate British brand

Natalie Cooper voice of god for Jaguar F-pace

 Voice of God for Jaguar F-Pace launch

I’m always thrilled to be asked to provide Voice of God (VOG) announcements for awards shows and events. They’re fun to do, I’m always lucky to work with switched on and creative producers, and imagining the end result invariably ends up with me getting ridiculously overexcited and giving it plenty of oomph! I get to sprinkle some magic from the comfort of my home booth, and the audience will never know whether I was wearing pyjamas or my cocktail dress.

This particular event was shrouded in secrecy. The launch of the highly anticipated, brand new Jaguar F-PACE at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

I’d guessed they had something pretty big up their sleeve – “We need you to build the tension”. Then there were the safety announcements, and the half-joking “we hope we won’t ever need to use this one” suggested it was going to be dramatic and dangerous.

They certainly didn’t disappoint.

British stunt driver Terry Grant, put the “world’s most practical sports car” through not one, but two loop-the-loops, earning a new Guinness World Record on the way. Absolutely breath-taking.

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