Professional Voiceover Recording.

Efficient. Professional. And with a smile.

If you’re looking for a professional voiceover recording, but have never worked with a voiceover before, you might find the guide below helpful to get the best from your voiceover session.

I’ve worked remotely as a voiceover for more than 20 years, and over that time I’ve found ways to make the process as simple for you as possible. As technology has developed, it's become even easier for you to get a high-quality result remotely, and if that means directing the session from your kitchen table, we can do that with ease.

While I usually work from my own studio either self-directing, or working with you on the line one-to-one, I can connect with another studio of your choice for an even quicker result.

With an engineer or producer running the session, I can focus on making the most of your script while they can edit on the fly and have your finished track produced in minimal time. Exactly like professional voiceover sessions before COVID, but (sadly) without the coffee and snacks.

If you’d like me to recommend a studio for these additional services, please just call or mail to discuss.

Let's Get Started

We always start with a chat, either via email or phone, to establish exactly what you need. How, where, and how long you intend to use the finished audio for, how much input you want to have in recording your script, and your preferred choice of audio delivery and format. This information will give me a good understanding of the project and ensure I can provide you with an accurate quote.


professional voiceover member of British Equity

As an Equity member, I use the Equity ILR rate card for UK radio commercials and the website for calculating Usage for TV commercials. I quote a Basic Session Fee (BSF) plus Usage for most other projects.

Booking A Session

Before I begin recording, you will need to provide me with a final version of your script. If we’re working together in real-time via ISDN, Source Connect, CleanFeed, phone, Zoom or Skype, we will agree a session slot. It’s a fun and efficient way to work and gives you the opportunity to request different styles, tone and pace.


If you’ve asked me to self-record, as many of my clients do, I will ask you to provide me with any direction you feel will be helpful, and any pronunciations that are unusual or not in English. From this point, you agree to trust me to provide you with a quality result. Any subsequent script changes or alternative reads will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Naturally, if I make a mistake, I’ll rectify this promptly, and at no charge.

File Delivery

You might prefer to have the raw session file so you can edit and produce the final audio yourself. In this case, I may provide you with more than one take to give you some options. Or, I can do the editing and production here and send you a ready-to-use audio file in a format of your choice, usually a wav or mp3.

Just Ask

I will always do my best to keep things simple and transparent but feel free to ask any questions during this process. Your professional voice recording is just a click away. Please mail or call me to get started.